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October 28, 2006

Mac OS X Essentials

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Yesterday I decided to reclaim the 20 GB of hard drive space I had allocated to Kubuntu. (I plan to install it on a virtual machine eventually, perhaps when VMware becomes available on the Mac.) Rather than jumping through hoops to fix up my partitions, I simply reinstalled OS X.

What does it take for me to set up my Mac so that I’m productive?

First, I must configure OS X so that it’s even usable. This includes enabling active screen corners for exposé (lower-left for all windows, lower-right for desktop), enabling trackpad gestures, and tweaking the dock (small, right side of screen, automatically hidden).

Second, I need to set up .vimrc to get use useful features such as syntax coloring in vim.

Third, I need to install the software I can’t live without:

Finally, I need to install utilities that I use infrequently but am going to need eventually (for example, BitTorrent and Skype).

What’s on your list of Mac OS X essentials?


January 4, 2006

KeePass for the Mac

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I’ve recently decided to manage my passwords using KeePass. One of the greatest things, I think, is the Linux and Macintosh port. Of course, the port doesn’t feel like a native application, but it does allow me to use the same password database on all of my computers.

I just got done compiling a working version on my iBook. Here’s what it took:

  • Download and install the Qt/Mac framework. (My iBook was busy all day Saturday; compiling Qt/Mac took about 15 hours.)
  • In .profile (if your shell is bash), add the following lines:

    export QTDIR

    In .login (in case your shell is csh or tcsh), add the following line:

    setenv QTDIR /usr/local/Trolltech/Qt-4.1.0

  • Download the latest snapshot from subversion:

    svn co svn://svn.berlios.de/keepass/trunk

  • Open src/global.h and uncomment the appropriate little/big endian line (my iBook is big endian).
  • Apply the patch included at the bottom of this post to fix memory corruption bug on big endian processors and to correct path resolution to the share folder. The former resulted in a bus error (segmentation fault). The latter resulted in a warning: “Translation file ‘_DEUTSCH_’ could not be loaded.”
  • Run the following commands to compile and install:

    sudo make install

KeePass will be installed to:

/usr/local/bin/keepass.app/Contents/MacOS/keepass “Applications”


Update: I forgot to mention a problem I had with path resolution. I have included the details above and have updated the diff below.

Update 2: With recent changes to the source, no patches need to be applied. KeePass will be installed into “Applications”.

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