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July 1, 2011

Debug Code in Production

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I know this happens to everyone, but I noticed tonight that Dell has debug code on their production site:

var startTScript=new Date().getTime ();

function menuItem(){}
function menuRef(){}
function menuSep(){}
function editListen(ev)
{kCode=ev.keyCode||ev.which;if(ev.ctrlKey&&ev.shiftKey&&(kCode==69||kCode==5)){if(m_editurl){if(confirm("edit page?")){m_editurl=m_editurl.replace(/local.dell.com/i,"cmscontent.dell.com");window.open(m_editurl,'editwin');}}}
else if(ev.ctrlKey&&ev.shiftKey){alert(kCode);}}
if (window.console){console.log('ex time: temp.js', new Date().getTime() - startTScript);}

All this means is that if you’re trying to switch to a previous tab using Ctrl+Shift+Tab, you get a silly message box. (And I’m sure you can find a lot of other shortcuts that will trigger this.) If you hit Ctrl+Shift+E, it tries to take you to an internal site.

Looks like someone overlooked something when they checked in their work.


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