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October 1, 2010

The Idea Bank

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Over the past several years, but especially this past year, I’ve started to seriously re-evaluate my life, my career, and my vision. The reason I quit blogging several years ago was because of the profound realization that my life wasn’t about myself, and I realized that I had more to offer the world than merely software. I’ve become much more intentional about the way that I live my life, and I’ve become much more focused on finding those things that I am genuinely good at. In fact, several times this past year, and even as recently as last week, I sat down to build a specific vision statement for ways I want to change in this next year, both personally and vocationally.

Out of that, I’ve recently started an “idea bank”. I’m one of those people who has a lot of ideas rolling through his head of business ideas, philosophies of life, ways to change the world, or who knows what else! However, those ideas are only meaningful if they are implemented, and they can only be implemented if they are expressed. I’ve started a personal “idea bank” where I sit down with my phone and bluetooth keyboard, and I start to draft a skeleton view of what this idea would look like. Sometimes the idea is obviously bad, but I still file for later. Some ideas have a few action points that I can do now. Others I keep in the back of my mind until I meet the right person for them.

To me, it’s a huge relief to have these ideas on paper, but I know that for them to be any good, they have to move beyond that. Most of these ideas I have little interest in actually implementing myself, but I would love to work with other people to see them implemented.

This is an open question to you all. Right now, these ideas are useless journal entries on my computer. How do I move beyond this step and actually make the “idea bank” something useful to the world?


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