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July 28, 2005

What Makes a Good Blog

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Blogging has greatly changed the way people use the web. The GeoCities and Tripod homepages of the 1990’s have largely been replaced by Xangas and Bloggers. Personal websites now revolve around large amounts of fresh content.

Sadly, the large amount of time invested by a blogger isn’t always evident in the quality of the blog. Quite a few of my friends have blogs, and honestly, many of their posts do not interest me greatly. To all of my friends out there, here’s what I believe makes a good blog:

  • Descriptive Titles and Introductions. I spend a lot of time reading blogs, and I tire quickly when I must read your entire post before I can know what it’s about. Use a good, descriptive title to draw your readers in, and don’t resort to clever wordplays. Writing a short, to-the-point introduction gives you the opportunity to entice your readers into your blog instead of dragging them, kicking and screaming, into a page-long, single-paragraph ramble.

  • Sensibility. Sappy diaries may be fun for you to write, but they’re painful and quite disgusting to read. If you have a bad day, perhaps you can write about it with humor or sarcasm, but remember that there’s a fine line between being honesty and gushy mush.

  • Post in Moderation. Build your readers’ expectations by posting good content at regular intervals. If you post too much or too often, you will bore your readers; and if you do not post often enough, they will forget about you. Be careful to maintain the interest of your readers.

  • Intersperse Outside Content. If you post links to another site or include quotations of another person, include your own opinion. Never tell me to visit a site or read a lengthy block of text. Persuade me.

  • Creativity. My favorite literature, including blog posts, is always that which opens my mind to new ideas and gets me started on some new brainstorm. You will only become creative by immersing yourself in others’ ideas. Your creativity always stimulates my own creativity.

No blog will be interesting to all people, but if a blogger is willing to take the time to develop good strategy and to write quality content, he or she can develop a site that is interesting to quite a large audience.

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